Will Schwalbe

14 Oct 2017
11:10 am - 12:00 pm
Morristown & Morris Township Library

Will Schwalbe

Photo by Josef Astor

Will Schwalbe has worked in publishing, digital media, and as a journalist, writing for various publications including The New York Times and the South China Morning Post. He is the author of New York Times best seller The End of Your Life Book Club and coauthor, with David Shipley, of Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better.

MFOB FEATURED BOOK: Books for Living

In this delightful celebration of reading, Schwalbe invites us along on his quest for books that speak to the specific challenges of living in our modern world, with all its noise and distractions. In each chapter, Schwalbe discusses a particular book—what brought him to it––or vice versa––the people in his life he associates with it, and how it became a part of his understanding of himself in the world. These books span centuries and genres, and each one relates to the questions and concerns we all share. Throughout, Schwalbe focuses on the way certain books can help us honor those we’ve loved and lost, and also figure out how to live each day more fully.

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